MetaMask v7.7.0

Accessing Accounts #

User accounts are used in a variety of contexts in Ethereum, they serve as neat identifiers, but no use as as important as calling wallet methods, methods that involve a signature or transaction approval. All of those methods require the sending account as a function parameter:

  • eth_sendTransaction
  • eth_sign (insecure and unadvised to use)
  • eth_personalSign
  • eth_signTypedData

Once you’ve connected to a user, you can always re-check the current account by checking ethereum.selectedAddress.

If you’d like to be notified when the address changes, we have an event you can subscribe to:

ethereum.on('accountsChanged', function (accounts) {
  // Time to reload your interface with accounts[0]!

If this isn’t the account you expected, you should notify the user!

Last updated: 12/4/2019 Top